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Northanger Abbey - Austenová Jane
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Northanger Abbey - Austenová Jane
Jane Austenová - Worsleyová Lucy
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Jane Austenová - Worsleyová Lucy
Rozum a cit - Trollopeová Joanna
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Rozum a cit - Trollopeová Joanna


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THIS little work was finished in the year 1803, and intended for immediate publication. It was disposed of to a bookseller, it was even advertised, and why the business proceeded no farther, the author has never been able to learn. That any bookseller should think it worth-while to purchase what he did not think it worth-while to publish seems extraordinary. But with this, neither the author nor the public have any other concern than as some observation is necessary upon those parts of the work which thirteen years have made comparatively obsolete. The public are entreated to bear in mind that thirteen years have passed since it was finished, many more since it was begun, and that during that period, places, manners, books, and opinions have undergone considerable changes.


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