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Eddica minora - Starý Jiří
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Eddica minora - Starý Jiří
Barva z kosmu - Lovecraft H.P.
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cena: 199 Kč
Barva z kosmu - Lovecraft H.P.
Věc na prahu - Lovecraft H.P.
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cena: 199 Kč
Věc na prahu - Lovecraft H.P.


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Ode to Selene or Diana

Immortal Moon, in maiden splendour shine.
Dispense thy beams, divine Latona’s child.
Thy silver rays all grosser things define,
And hide harsh truth in sweet illusion mild.
In thy soft light, the city of unrest
That stands so squalid in thy brother’s glare
Throws off its habit, and in silence blest
Becomes a vision, sparkling bright and fair.
The modern world, with all it’s care & pain,
The smoky streets, the hideous clanging mills,
Face ’neath thy beams, Selene, and again
We dream like shepherds on Chaldæa’s hills.
Take heed, Diana, of my humble plea.
Convey me where my happiness may last.
Draw me against the tide of time’s rough sea
And let my sprirt rest amid the past.


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