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Jules Verne
translation: William Lackland

or Journeys and Discoveries in Africa by three Englishmen

complete book (e-book)


The Yellow Balloon - Charlotte Dematons, Dieter Schubert
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cena: 310 Kč
The Yellow Balloon - Charlotte Dematons, Dieter Schubert
Plovoucí město - Verne Jules
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cena: 893 Kč
Plovoucí město - Verne Jules
Drama v Livonsku - Verne Jules
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cena: 1148 Kč
Drama v Livonsku - Verne Jules


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“Five Weeks in a Balloon” is, in a measure, a satire on modern books of African travel. So far as the geography, the inhabitants, the animals, and the features of the countries the travellers pass over are described, it is entirely accurate. It gives, in some particulars, a survey of nearly the whole field of African discovery, and in this way will often serve to refresh the memory of the reader. The mode of locomotion is, of course, purely imaginary, and the incidents and adventures fictitious. The latter are abundantly amusing, and, in view of the wonderful “travellers’ tales” with which we have been entertained by African explorers, they can scarcely be considered extravagant; while the ingenuity and invention of the author will be sure to excite the surprise and the admiration of the reader, who will find M. VERNE as much at home in voyaging through the air as in journeying “Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Seas.”


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