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Hans Christian Andersen: balíček 8 elektronických knih (PDF+ePub)     za 247  136 Kč (-45%)

Náhodná ukázka:

She stayed at the satellite until Joel had finished setting the system, and watched while he activated the circuit that broke the long-chain artificial molecule that was the Line. Now Kingdom was on its own.

She didn't stay to watch him ready the freeze room.

Her private boat had been left in orbit near Up. Technically she was on leave until she joined the rest of the team at Trenchert, where the advance parties had already cleaned the atmosphere and strengthened the crust. Months ago she had planned to stop off at Momremonn-Spitz for a look at the new Spindle excavations there. There had been rumours of another working strata machine.

Right now it seemed less than important. She slammed the airlock's inner door shut behind her.

'Salutations, lady,' said the ship. 'The sheets are aired. We are fully fuelled. Shall we run you a bath?'


'We have the course computed. Do you wish a countdown?'

'I think we can dispense with all that excitement,' said Kin wearily. 'Just run that bath.'

When the ship boosted the bath water slopped gently against the edge of the tub, but did not spill. Kin, who had been brought up to be polite to machines, said:


'Thank you. Five hours and three minutes to flickover.'

Kin soaped an arm thoughtfully. After a few minutes she said: 'Ship?'

'Yes, lady?'

'Where the hell are we going? I don't recall giving you any instructions.'

'To Kung, lady, as per your esteemed order of three hundred and thirty eight hours ago.'

Kin rose like a well-soaped Venus Anadyomene and ran through the ship until she dropped into the pilot chair.

'That order,' she said softly, 'repeat it.' She watched the screen intently, one hand poised over the panel that would open a line back to Kingdom Up. Joel wouldn't have frozen himself yet, the process took hours. Anyway, a machine could just unfreeze him. The important thing was that the station had a big enough transmitter to punch a message through to the Company. She recognized the touch of Jago.

The transmitted order had been simple enough, prefaced by the ship's call sign and Kin's own code. It had come over the normal ground-to-orbit channels. It could have come from a dozen transmitters while work on Kingdom was being completed.

It had ended: 'A flat world. You, Kin Arad, are a very curious person. Cheat me and you will forever wonder what sights you missed.'

Kin's hand dropped -- and didn't touch the message switch.

You couldn't build a flat world.

But then, you couldn't come back if you were a Terminus pilot.



(Terry Pratchett, Strata)

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